Case Study: Bars, Cafes, and Restaurants

Case Study:
Bars, Cafes, and Restaurants
Many areas, including New York, Seattle, and Massachusetts, have started to reopen dining rooms at limited capacity at restaurants for the first time in months. These reopenings are accompanied by a variety of restrictions and guidelines put in place in order to maintain the health and safety of both employees and patrons.

In most places where indoor dining has resumed in some capacity, employees are required to wear face masks at all times and customers must wear masks except when seated for meals. While restaurants claim they still find themselves reminding customers to wear masks at times like when they get up from their tables, they are reporting that overall, customer response has been great and they are very willing to abide by the rules and regulations if it means being backinside their favorite eateries.
In Washington State, cloth facial coverings must be worn by every employee and all businesses are required to post signage at the entrance to their business to strongly encourage their customers to use cloth face coverings when inside. The customers are not technically required to wear face coverings, but Gov. Jay Inslee has said that businesses can refuse service to customers who don’t wear face coverings without facing any legal repercussions.
At The Terrace at Delaware Park in New York, owner Jason Davidson said that if their customers forget a mask, they can add a washable cloth mask to their bill for a few dollars.
The owner of french-inspired bistro Coco, Maura Crawford, said that when people forget their masks, they have ones they give to them, “just like at the country club, like when you forget your tie.”
As different regions progress through reopening phases, many are keeping a close eye on the cities and counties a few steps ahead of them to learn from their successes and failures.

Arizona, for example, has had a recent rise in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. Dr. Farshad Marvasti from the University of Arizona said that one of the reasons for this recent surge is that many people were not wearing masks, which he notes is part of our civic duty to prevent the spread. “It’s not a question of whether we should have reopened when we did or not. It’s how we did in terms of the behavior of individuals,” Marvasti claimed.

The restaurant industry is eager to continue reopening and must do so safely and in adherence to the guidelines put in place by their governing bodies and health officials. Most feel that by learning from the reopenings that preceded their own and enforcing distancing regulations, including the use of face masks, the industry will be able to continue in this positive direction.

According to Bud Loura, restaurant industry consultant through RestaurantQB, “the main thing is we don’t want to screw this up and go backwards… We’re going in the right direction. Let’s keep it that way.”
Restaurants need masks not only for their employees, but for their patrons as well. Pitch masks to your clients to keep their employees safe and customers coming!