Sustainable Full Sub (3SFS-P) - MSRP $18

Sustainable Full Sub (3SFS-P)

MSRP $18

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Product Code: 3SFS-P


Your feet aren’t the only ones that require premium care. We are excited to be introducing our new, Sustainable Full Sub, made with premium, sustainable materials to take care of both your feet and the planet.

Did you know a plastic bottle can take up to 700 years to perish?

The number of used plastic bottles is increasing in landfills at an alarming rate. Our new Sustainable Full Sub uses Recycled Polyester yarns that come from plastic bottles taken from the ocean. The plastic bottles are chopped up and ground into small bits that melt and soften. Then, the plastic passes through a number of tiny holes, resulting in thin filaments which are woven and knit into the Recycled Polyester yarns you’ll find in your Strideline sock!

We are world leaders in sock sublimation. We built our sublimation department from scratch and that is evident in the print quality of both our Premium and Full Sub.

What we do differently is a closely guarded secret, but the results are clear: little to no grin lines, no starchiness, and crisp and clean Pantone-matched printing. 

Our Full Sub is a thin micro poly sock. It is fully customizable except for the toe and heel, which are pre-knit black. It is an affordable option for everyday wear or business. Compared to other full subs on the market it is remarkably comfortable and durable. 

Our new Sustainable Full Sub Sock looks, feels, and sublimates the same as our original Full Subs, but uses our new, sustainable, Recycled Polyester yarns. Going green has never felt more comfortable!

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